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Gregg Snodgrass grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and attended the elementary school that bore the name of Cedar Rapids' native son, painter Grant Wood. Wood's gothic images inspired Snodgrass to pursue a photography career and realize his own vision of American life in the twenty first century. Snodgrass is a graduate of the University of Iowa and the acclaimed commercial photography program at Seattle Central Community College.

Life on the Streets: Homeless in Pioneer Square

    A few years ago I was looking to challenge myself as a photographer.  I tried to imagine a difficult subject and circumstance when I realized that I didn’t need to look any further than my own backyard.  It was the early part of the twenty-first century and I was living in Pioneer Square, […]

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Make Believe: All Hallows’ Eve

    Cindy Sherman meets Diane Arbus meets Alfred Hitchcock…meet my girlfriend… Halloween night, before the trick or treaters rang our bell, and before the sun had set, a fog rose up from the green field across the street from our house. I arrived home and walked in to find my darling (thespian that she […]

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